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I hold a Master’s degree in psychology and studied both in Europe and the United States. I work as a therapist with individuals and couples. I also run groups, work as a lecturer in the corporate sector, and conduct personal development workshops all over Europe. I am fluent in English and Czech language. I’ve worked with clients from 5 continents and more than 50 countries.

My approach is one of honest communication, unconditional support, building trust, understanding emotions, expanding body awareness, integrating our shadow part, setting realistic goals, humor, creating a healthy work-life balance and developing important interpersonal skills & relationships.

In my spare time, I enjoy a nice cup of tea amongst friends, gaming nights with my brothers, and electronic music. I appreciate unconventional people with innovative and humanistic ideas. I live with my long-term partner Marcela who works as a fashion stylist. We have a small daughter and two sweet grey cats named Mochi and Geralt: they became our new teachers in terms of playfulness and presence, purring their way through life.


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Life, at times, can get a bit overwhelming. Be it at work, in a romantic relationship, or with children, we all face difficulties here and there. While some situations will settle themselves, others can be solved more efficiently with outside professional help. My goal in individual therapy is to help you overcome current hardships, regain your inherit balance, and develop a more resourceful approach to dealing with whatever life brings your way.

Among other issues, I specialize in working with people suffering from excessive stress, having relationships difficulties, facing though decisions, dealing with traumatic experiences from their past or having  communication troubles. I work with people of all genders and all walks of life except small children.

As a professional therapist, I can help you:

• Reduce physical and emotional stress

• Overcome depression, panic attacks, and anxiety

• Deal with chronic shame and low self-esteem

• Resolve issues and conflicts within couples, families or friends

• Confront difficult life situations or crisis

• Face problems at work and prevent burnouts

• Regain personal well-being and balance

All sessions take place in the confidential environment of my private office at Eliášova 7, Prague 6.

Video chat sessions are also possible.

Cost and conditions can be found here.



Conflicts, misunderstandings, and emotional hurt are an inevitable part of every romantic relationship. Denying this, or hoping for things to change, rarely works. The same holds for blaming, avoiding, emotional blackmailing, or mutual manipulation. These patterns often lead to further bitterness and alienation. My goal as a couples therapist is the opposite: to restore love, trust, and a genuine connection. Once couples are willing to talk openly about their feelings, needs, and unsatisfied desires, all the above can happen.

Successful couples have conflicts! They just learned to deal with them in a more constructive, mutually beneficial way. Effective communication, respect, humor, and cooperation are the key here.

As a professional couples therapist, I can help you:

•  Communicate openly and constructively about essential and neglected topics

Understand each other’s feelings and needs

Overcome stored emotions of anger and sadness that stand in the way of being happy and feeling love

Find new ways to cooperate and support each other, find new agreements and experiments that benefit the relationship

Mediate conflict in a way that it doesn’t negatively affect children

Learn new tools for communicating more effectively and joyfully

Rebuild trust and reinvent intimacy

All sessions take place in the confidential environment of my private office at Eliášova 7, Prague 6.

I don't offer couples sessions via video chat.

Cost and conditions can be found here.



The vast majority of my workshops through the year are in Czech language. However, usually once a year I lead a workshop in English. Feel free to ask.



Workshops and Presentations

Emotional Inteligence

Authenticity in Leadership

Radical Honesty

Employee Assistance Program

Confidential, short term, off-site, counseling service for employees with personal and work-related problems that may impact their job performance, adaptation in a new country, health, family, or mental and emotional well-being.

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